The notifications of hearing loss could be happening and you may not even recognize them symptoms. Most of the time the signs of hearing loss start out slowly but they can also show up quickly. Regardless, there are many symptoms to be aware of that you should know just in case it happens to you. It may be a medical problem, social interaction or emotional problems that are causing the symptoms.

Firstly medical issues such as drug interactions. Are you taking any prescriptions that may be causing some sort of side effect? Do you have any medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid issues or cardiovascular problems? Do you listen to an IPod or mp3 player at a very loud level? Possibly were you exposed to a very loud noise from a gun or at work? Look at your family history, genetics could be one of the causes of hearing loss as well. Hearing loss can affect you emotionally. Social situations can cause great stress. If you are having trouble hearing what other people are saying or you can’t understand them. This can make you nervous because you might not understand what they are saying. Furthermore this could make social situations awkward and force you to withdraw making you feel more alienated.

Socially is where hearing loss will impact you the most. Asking people to constantly repeat themselves will wear you and the other people down and you will lose confidence. Just being a passive listener within a group may become impossible because of the inability to follow multiple sources of conversation. Watching a television or listening to the radio with friends or family may become impossible because you must have the volume adjusted to a high level. Tinnitus may exist and that could impair your hearing and conversations. Resorting to reading lips which is next to impossible for most people. This will cause stress because of the huge amount of concentration needed.

Not being able to converse because you may respond improperly to questions and answers will decrease social interaction and make the hearing impaired more reclusive. Not understanding women, children and non-native speakers because of the need to improvise and the different sounds of vowels and consonants. The hearing impaired may avoid crowded and busy places like malls, restaurants, conferences and large rooms with many people because of noise. This will impact the ability doing basic business functions and can impact them economically. Also, wearing a hearing device can make a person feel self-conscious at first but with proper help can help alleviate the stress of hearing loss.